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Aug 18, 2017

Jacque and Joy-Ann welcome their brothers in the business, Ed Gordon, Jawn Murray and Don Lemon. They discuss Ed's controversial interview with Omarosa and the emotional toll covering race and hate takes on Black journalists.

Aug 11, 2017

Joy-Ann and Jacque talk about hair issues, Dave Chappelle and the latest Game Of Thrones.  Also special guests Congresswoman Maxine Waters talks Trump and her love for Tupac, and the ladies dig deep into #noconfederate and Black Twitter with April Reign. 

Aug 5, 2017

The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. joins Jacque and Joy-Ann to discuss hot topics Reclaiming My Time, Praise Dancing to Jay Z, Trump Phone Call Leaks and Politicon.  Also actor Laz Alonzo stopped by to talk about his role in the powerful new movie Detroit and R Kelly interrupts the studio.